What I Do

Being a learner is about asking questions to understand, being a learning designer is also about asking questions to understand. Let me explain. As a learning professional, I may have the answers or solutions for learners. But how I deliver that answer will determine if your learner actually understands and retains the answer.

Learning solutions are not only about answering questions and providing information. They are about strategy and planning. What is the significance? What are the resources? What are the barriers? What is the current culture of learning? What knowledge and skills are the learners bringing?

I work with you to help answer these questions and more to deliver learner-centric learning solutions.

Experienced instructional designer with a proven track record of delivering awesome learning solutions. I apply learning theory and design thinking to develop impactful learning. 

I have lead the design and development of over one hundred training courses, aimed at engaging learners and supporting performance. 

I work with you to understand your strategies, goals, and priorities as well as your pain points. Together we can find impactful solutions that meet business outcomes and improve performance and engagement. A successful project involves planning, organizing, and gathering resources. 

Visit my portfolio to see my skills in action.