Leadership Skills: Communication

Background: The client needed a way to promote better communication and relationships between managers and employees. While communication is a soft skill that most professionals require, communicating as a manager requires learning how to utilize that skill in a different way. Understanding how to communicate with your employees is an important part of having a successful relationship, ensuring you are able to respond to their needs and also supporting their development.

Course Features: This course was created to help build on foundational communication skills.

  • The content detailed standards and tips to meet what was established by the company as best communication practices. This information, although familiar to employees, had not been previously built on in formal training.
  • Learner practice. Relateable scenarios were developed and used as opportunites for managers to practice reponding.
  • Learner comparision. In addition to practiceing responding, learners were also able to compare their responses back to the tips present in the course.

My role:

  • Instructional Designer: I designed the entire course.
  • Course Developer: I developed it in Articulate Storyline.
  • Writer: I was able to take the existing communication standards and expecatations and build up the content presented in the course.

Audio/Video/Images: All images are stock. The audio was created using Articulate Storyline’s text-to-speech function.