Onboarding Buddy Program

Background: A buddy program is basically what it sounds like, provide your new hires with a buddy while they’re getting acclimated to their new role. This buddy will be able to build on the standard knowledge that is communicated in onboarding courses and training but also expand on topics that aren’t. Topics like cultural norms, yes, we have standards and processes in place, but our supervisor really enjoys it when we bring new ideas and can make things more efficient. Or, your desk-mate is Charley and she really enjoys talking about her pets so be prepared. These are personal connections that will help to create better working relationships between our employees.

As with any training program you want to take the time to set it up and ensure you are reaching your target audience. With the buddy program, you not only have to appeal to new hires but also get engagement from existing employees and their managers.

Course Features: This course was created to inform current employees (Onboarding Heros) about the program’s purpose, their responsibilities, and what to expect from the program.

  • Superhero theme use for engagement and to support the importance of an onboarding buddy.
  • Benefits for all parties are describe to support the importance of the program and how it affects multiple areas of the business.
  • Details and next steps provide clear simple format to ensure understanding of responsibilites and support that is available.

My role:

  • Instructional Designer: I designed the entire course.
  • Course Developer: I developed it in Articulate Rise.
  • Writer: I adapted and added to source information from exisitng onboarding program to fit Onboarding Hero theme and context.

Audio/Video/Images: Brazuca Collection by Cezar Berje used, No Audio/Video used.