Technical Training: Slack

Background: This is one of four simulations that were created to support a team transition to Slack. In addition to developing and delivering Virtual Instructor Led training, I wanted to create short how-to simulations that would allow learners to practice basic skills in a safe environment that would not disrupt the live workspace.

Course Features: This course was created to help build confidence in using the basic features of Slack.

  • Simulation focuses on one specific skill, as to not overwhelm the learner. This also allows learners to navigation to specific sections they need.
  • Instructions and visual cues are provided to guide the learner through the simulation.
  • Screenshots from the product are use to ensure accurate movement through the tool.

My role:

  • Instructional Designer: I designed the entire course.
  • Course Developer: I developed it in Articulate Storyline.
  • Writer: I was able to use content from the Slack how to guide to support the onscreen interactions.

Audio/Video/Images: Screenshots taken from a test account. No video or audio used.